Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Getting Organized! - First Week Forms

Hello!  Yes, I know my blog has not been updated in almost a year...but I'm back!  Maybe I'll even keep this thing updated throughout the school year.  Ha!  Anyway, I had Gifted and Talented training today, and realized August 1st is next week!  OMG!  I have so much to do!!  At the end of the school year, my principal requires us to take everything off the walls and hide all our stuff in cabinets.  I'm starting to get a little anxious, because I can't get into my classroom until the end of next week.  That will only give me one full week to work on my classroom.  I would have two full weeks to setup my room, but I'm going on vacation the week before teachers have to go back.  I really don't know what I was thinking when I booked my flight. :)  Oh well!  For now, I'm trying to get forms I need for Meet the Teacher Night and the first week of school ready.  Here are some of the forms I will be using.  They're not fancy, but they help me organize all the information I need.

Student Information Sheet: I keep these handy sheets in a binder close to my desk.  Click the images for your free editable copy.  Because of strict clipart rules, I had to change the border and take off the cute bus.

Media Permission Slip: Parents love seeing pictures of their kids at school!  Click the image for your free editable copy.  

Previous Year's Data: I look at assessments from the previous year and record each of the student's strengths and areas that need improvement.  This document usually totals 4 pages once I get all of the notes typed in.  Click the image for your free editable copy. 

Behavior Chart: I use this for classroom management.  I mark tallies for students that are not following expectations.  If a student receives too many tallies, they have to practice the expectation they struggled with during recess.  I also use this chart to record absents/tardies, anecdotal notes, reminders, etc.  Click the image for your free editable copy.

Student Checklist: I like to use this checklist to keep track of skill mastery.  I also use this when there are multiple forms or items students need to turn in. Click the image for your free editable copy.

Lunch Numbers: This is a must for the first week of school!  I keep this on my clipboard behind my behavior chart.  Click the image for your free editable copy.

Dismissal Chart: This helps me keep track of who goes where after school.  Dismissal is always crazy the first day of school!  I like to keep this chart in a sheet protector, so I can use a dry or wet erase marker to maker off students as I drop them off.  Click the image for your free editable copy. 

Student Behavior Calendars:  I use the vertical behavior calendars for parent communication.  My students keep these inside their daily/homework folder.  If you like these calendars, you can click the images below to purchase a set of your own for $1.50. Sorry I don't have a "free editable copy" of these. ;) 

Here are the same calendars in Spanish!

I still may not be able to sleep the night before school starts, but these handy-dandy forms help me feel a little less overwhelmed the first week of school.  :)   


  1. helpful!

  2. Thank you so much! As a new teacher these are SO helpful!

    1. Yay! I'm glad you are able to use them!! I hope you have a wonderful first year!