Sunday, July 28, 2013

Christmas in July with a Freebie!

I thought I'd jump on the Christmas in July bandwagon and share classroom pictures from the week before winter break.'s a big crafty and gaudy mess!

Festive and Fun!

Prefix Poinsettias, Suffix Trees, and Santa Letters  

 My kids loved reading holiday books!
I made a holiday book response sheet for them to use during one of their language arts centers. 

Santa countdowns!

More prefix poinsettias and suffix trees!  I tried really hard to come up with some kind of  holiday craftivity for prefixes and suffixes.  They're a little silly, but the kids loved them, and I got away with letting my kids make holiday crafts! :)

Close up!

Another close up!

Since it is the season of giving, :) here is my Poinsettia Craftivity for free!

My kids made cute snowman ornaments for their parents.
This idea came from Little Bit Funky.

This was our Kenyan Christmas Tree.  Each grade level chose a country to research their culture and winter celebrations.  We then shared what we learned at our Holidays Around the World activity night.  Last year, I had a student with parents from Kenya, so that's the country we chose!  The student's mom even came to visit us and share information about Kenya.  It was really neat!

My messy desk area and presents!!!

Of course I have Christmas hippo decor!  It's my school's mascot.

Here's a picture of me with a couple of my favorite teacher friends!
This was after our Reindeer Trot in the freezing cold!

I love the holiday season!  The kids always have so much fun learning about different winter holidays and celebrations.  The two week winter break is always nice too! :)

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